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Steel Door Awards: Informed Consumers

These Steel Door awards go to privacy policy features that help consumers stay informed about the use of their personally identifiable information. And the awards go to...



1. Easy-to-
Find Policies

Businesses should make it simple for customers to find their privacy policies. An easily visible “Privacy Policy” link on a Web site's homepage and on all pages where PII is requested is optimal – one click and you are at the policy. Customers should not have to search a Web site to find out what will happen to their PII.

The link to the privacy policy at is easy to spot on this uncluttered homepage, and at the bottom of every page on the website.

2. Straight-
forward, Plain English Policies

Consumer-friendly policies should be written in language that all consumers can understand. They should also be written clearly and simply, without multiple caveats and seemingly contradictory clauses. has a privacy policy that is easy to find from their homepage, is concise and straightforward about what PII is collected and how it is treated.

3. Contact Information Provided

Good privacy policies should include contact information so customers know where to call to get questions answered or file a complaint.

The privacy policy at gives consumers a telephone number, email address and physical address where they can contact the company.

4. Notification of Privacy Policy Changes

When a company changes their privacy policy it is important to let consumers know they are shopping under a different set of rules. Posting a notice on the home page and alerting customers by email are proactive consumer-friendly measures.

The privacy policy at addresses this issue as such: “We may change or enhance our policy to improve our service to you. If we do change our policy, we will note those changes on our Web site. A message will be displayed on our home page for a period of time that a change has been made. We also may send an e-mail describing the changes.”1

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