3 Hospitality Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Woman rating a service on a hotel booking app on her phoneHospitality marketing, like many other fields, has felt the impact of technology. Hotels are leaving the traditional way of marketing and opting for new strategies that reflect the consumers’ trends and evolution of communication technology. The services marketed in the hospitality industry tend to be experiential in nature.

As such, the marketer needs to ensure that the experience will encourage brand loyalty. Discover three of the most effective strategies for hospitality marketing.

Complementary Branding

Hospitality marketers are still tapping into this co-branding concept. By co-branding with a luxury toiletries brand, for example, a hotel could enjoy a beneficial association with the brand. This partnership typically pays both parties well. Elements such as the hotel logo design improve brand visibility and reputation. Marketers can also look into other areas, such as local culinary specialties, for better opportunities.

Branded Gifts

Distributing branded gifts among guests leads to an easy brand recall. Consistent use of promotional items, even foods or drinks, allows customers to remember their stay and interaction with the hospitality brand. Giving your guests some biscuits packed in airtight containers is an example of this strategy. While it may cost slightly higher than the usual promotional items, you can tailor it to suit your budget.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is still on the rise today. Consumers have a variety of choices. Content that educates consumers about the hospitality industry without being too salesy is a good strategy. You may also feature local events, discounted deals, and even contests in order to get the attention of your target customers.

It is important that a hospitality business builds a strong brand image. This includes investing in a compelling hotel logo design, along with other brand elements. Effective branding is important to ensure the success of your hospitality business.

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