Meta Tags – Are They Really That Important?

organic search

organic searchIf you want to drive more traffic to your website, SEO should be your priority. The number of ads you put up on social media doesn’t matter because every SEO company knows that organic traffic is the secret to success.

First Things First: Organic traffic

To better understand the importance of meta tags, you have to know why organic traffic is essential in the first place. Organic traffic refers to readers, clients or audience that come from search engines like Google and Bing. They are vital to your business as you cannot always depend on social media sites to deliver traffic. Wouldn’t it feel better if your audience went to your website without the help of social media promotions?

Meta Tags: This Is Where They Come into Play

Meta tags consist of a meta title and a description that both help lure your audience. The meta title is the first thing that someone sees on a Google search results page. You have to make sure that it catches searchers’ eyes and it must include relevant keywords that define your website. The title shouldn’t be longer than 80 characters because search engines usually shorten it to 70 characters.

The meta description is the summary of your article or web page below the meta title. It serves to introduce your web page to users. A prospective client will see a snippet of your content before even opening your website. They are small content descriptors that inform search engines what your page is all about. If they find it relevant or interesting, then they will surely visit your site.

You need to remember that these meta tags don’t appear on your page, but only on the result pages. Hence, ensure that you focus on making a catchy and relevant meta title and description.

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