These Practices Improve Your E-commerce Marketing Reach


ecommerceE-commerce is a challenging marketplace because it’s easy for businesses to come and go and customers have a bigger say in what they search for and the type of advertising they want to see. As such, your website has a smaller margin for error; you need to make accurate decisions regarding what you offer and how you market them.

An expert on e-commerce marketing cites the following ways on how you can effectively advertise your online business to your audience.

Connect with Artwork

Several websites can sell products and services; however, not all can sell an experience or elicit an emotion. Artwork, whether in photos or videos, have the power to connect with an audience on a personal level. These artistic images can funnel a visitor toward the discovery and evaluation phase, by which they will determine whether or not you do have the solution to their problems or the answer to their questions.

Be wary of using too many pictures or videos on a page, though; doing so may hurt your conversion rate and become distracting to visitors.

Once a potential customer transitions into task-oriented objectives, such as adding items to their cart and proceeding to checkout, reduce the imagery you use and shift to more effective calls-to-action and simpler navigation.

Add Value

You need to offer something new to your audience constantly. Some of the ways to do so are offering money-back guarantee, free shipping, option to return defective products, and other similar features or services. Put calls-to-action for these next to buttons at the checkout, or inform customers through emails. Test which works for your brand and integrate them into your brand message on websites, blog posts or email blasts.

Show Confirmation

One of the simplest ways to keep a visitor focused on making a purchase is to provide them with a confirmation at the checkout. This may come in the form of photos or a checklist of the products on their final shopping cart.

These practices provide customers a fluid experience when they shop at your website. They funnel customers further down the buying channel and into a conversion.

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