360° Videos, Cinemagraphs, and VR: It’s Time to Revamp Your Website

Web development text on a tablet

Web development text on a tabletWeb development and design are steadily improving. Businesses make it a point to keep updated with the latest trends so they reach and engage more customers. Meanwhile, the surge in smartphone usage compels companies to optimize websites for even better reach—better results. Clearly, you need to do the same (if not more) for your website, to gain an edge over competitors.

One good strategy is to integrate trends and to consult with web developers to get the most out of innovative design features.

Virtual Reality

With the surge of VR technology used for gaming, many people are now becoming more familiar with it. Technologies like The Oculus Rift and the Vive are bringing infinite possibilities to the table.

360° Videos

Videos will always have value for your web marketing efforts. But with the emergence of 360° videos, you can offer a unique experience to your market. The technology drives more interaction. It also allows you to provide immersive content to users, giving them control over what they see or even do. In giving your users control, you entice them to watch the video a little longer and explore your website further.


You’ve heard of GIFs, right? Well, think of a cinemagraph as a combination of a GIF and a photo. Unlike the former, only a portion of the photo moves for emphasis when it comes to cinemagraphs. This form of visualization allows your website to captivate your users. But use sparingly so as not to distract users from your message.


These refer to contained moments that focus on one task, e.g., setting status message, choosing password, or turning on a function. The design feature enhances the overall experience, making users feel welcome to a website. They are becoming increasingly popular because they can define the unique character of a brand, and set apart your business website from others.

Some UX strategies that you can use include skeleton screens, chatbots, and endless scrolling.

The Internet is a big place and no trend is bound to stay for long, which is why it’s important to stay in touch with what engages your target audience. And use trends as they relate to your brand’s message and business goals.  

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