Delivering Success (and Food): Three Tips to Improve Your Food Delivery Business

Pizza delivery girl

Pizza delivery girl

The food delivery business has become quite a phenomenon in recent years due to the rise of smartphones and widespread internet usage. Food delivery businesses whose main business setup is to get orders from customers, a process that order with the restaurant(s) and other food businesses, pick up the order, and deliver it to the customer. And some food businesses partner with these food delivery businesses in order to do away with investing in delivery vehicles and staff, so whenever the customer orders directly from the restaurant/café/food chain, they let their partner deliver it for them.

Evidently, the food delivery business has become quite on-demand, both for customers and food business owners alike. As such, we’ll be looking at tips on how to improve your food delivery business, as well as give pointers for those that are yet to start their food delivery business:

Have Your Own Mobile App

We cannot stress this out enough, but having your own application is necessary. Although some food delivery services rely on social media messaging, texts, and calls, having your own mobile app would not only make it easier for you and your customers but would make your food delivery business look more appealing and professional to potential customers. You can either buy an app to have it customized with your food delivery business’ brand from a software developer, or you can hire a firm that offers software development services in order to tailor-fit it with your business brand and preferences. You could even go the extra mile and add a “tracker” for your app so that you as well as your customers can see the status and location of your food delivery driver. Your app could also have a feature to help your food delivery drivers to locate the restaurant or food business it’s picking up the product from (and the list of food ordered) as well as the location it’s supposed to be delivered to. An all-in-one app can maximize and streamline your operation and can attract new customers and make loyal ones.

Be Mindful of Your Capacity

You always have to be mindful of your food delivery business’ assets and capacity. If you’re utilizing motorbikes and a handful of drivers, you should be wary of the volume of the food being ordered, and the number of simultaneous orders you can take. You should also be able to determine the scope of your operations (i.e. determine if you can only deliver within the entire city limits, or only within a certain radius). If a customer has a bulk older that may need a delivery van, say, to cater a sports event, then you have to determine if your current vehicle and staff would be able to accomplish the task.

Get Reliable Drivers

If you’re just starting your food delivery business, it’s possible that you’ve hired someone you know to do the delivery or have you, yourself, do the deliveries. However, when your food delivery business grows, it’s important that you’re able to hire good and reliable drivers. You’d want to make sure that they’re properly licensed, and it would be best to do a quick background check for any vehicular accidents and violations. Most importantly, your driver should also have a friendly demeanour and can handle pressure and different types of personalities well. Remember, you are a service-based company, and you should be able to provide excellent service if you want to stay competitive and have loyal customers.


Woman receiving her pizza from delivery man

The food delivery business is lucrative and on-demand, so applying these tips would be a good idea to stay competitive and profitable. And for those that are yet to start their own food delivery business, these tips would help you gain your footing a lot easier once you do enter into this line of business.

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