Getting More Clients By Reaching Out on a Personal Level

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Clients aren’t just the lifeblood of different companies worldwide, but they’re also an integral part of almost any sole contractor and freelancer. They may be business consultants who want to help companies, wedding photographers that want to capture that precious moment on camera, or even marketing firms that want to increase your website’s rankings. Clients and customers will always be the source of income for almost all types of industries.

Of course, just like any other employer, your client won’t just go into a particular business partnership without thoroughly researching your capabilities or what your business has to offer. While some clients know about your business’s reputation, some clients will need to see your portfolio of works before making any transaction.

One of the best ways of getting clients is by showing them your professional portfolio. But some studies point out that clients are more interested in knowing about the personal portfolios and sometimes even the lives of potential business partners. Besides these, there are still several factors that need to be weighed-in on when it comes to convincing a client about your capabilities. That is especially true when it comes to content writing, design, and web development.

So how do you get more clients than usual? The answer doesn’t necessarily have to be business-focused, and you might be surprised at what it is.

Getting More Clients

What’s the secret to all of these individual’s success? Most successful business owners know that focusing on their brand, usually the key to success. By building your following and gaining traction in publicity, it’s easier to attract interested clients. If you’re a well-versed professional in a particular industry or matter, people will actively seek your works.

When you’re committed to your own personal, professional persona, regardless of who you were before you started, it won’t matter when people will see you through your portfolio.

People Trust Individuals More than Groups

When we negotiate for business, we usually look at the organization as a whole with the person as a representative. In reality, people are more drawn to conducting businesses over sole contractors, professionals, and experts.

When you’re creating content around yourself, it’s easier to build a personal rapport with your audience as they’re able to know you personally without just looking at your professional side.

For instance, most consultants and experts who use social media platforms (such as Twitter) to conduct business will often use their personal profiles. Whether it’s posting memes, discussing their personal opinion, or talking about a particular aspect in their place, having a mixture of content can help build their image. Some celebrities and billionaires are aware of this, and they have made themselves quite a following.

Suppose you’re looking for marketing professionals that can reach out to others in a personal and captivating way. In that case, you might want to check out some B2B online marketing agencies that are known for providing responsive and high-quality results that will convey your engagements into leads.

You’re Safe from Competition

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If you see your profession as merely just a business, chances are, people will also see it as a business. Once people start seeing your career as a business, this will mean that you’re on the same level as the competition.

However, building your brand means that you’re not just doing this for money or career; you’re doing this as a passion. When people know that you’re well-meaning and doing your work straight from your hard, it’s easier to have a loyal clientele. Your brand portfolio can’t be replicated since a part of it is unique and narrates about some aspect of your life.

On top of being safe from competition, you don’t need to stress yourself with monetization. Your journey can keep going — even if your business does close — you can still get back to your journey without any interruption.

In summary, most clients won’t just be looking at what you can do for them, but they’ll be extensively looking at your portfolio. Being able to reach out to your clients personally is the best way to gain trust and even build a professional rapport with them. What the best course of building trust? Building a reputation through your brand can help people see you, no matter what your previous background is.

So although most of us want to compartmentalize different parts of our lives, it might be helpful to let our clients in on a bit of our personal life. Having that personal brand going can ensure that you’re set for success. So don’t compartmentalize too much of your life; show your clients a bit of your personal life!

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