Relationship Marketing: 5 Gift Ideas to Improve Online Customer Experience

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If your online product is so amazing, it will sell by itself. That thought certainly is arguable. But it has some merits. On one end, people will argue one has to know a product exists to be a patron. And yet, if a person has been satisfied with the quality of a product, he is bound to spread the good news and become a de facto ambassador of the product without being hired to be one.

Indeed, satisfied customers are still your best online advertising strategy. An awesome customer experience is going to give you more business without you lifting a finger. Instead, they do the work for you in aspects of widening the customer horizon of your business.

That is why relationship marketing truly matters. If you learn how to retain your current customers well, they’re bound to give you more sales than you can imagine. Studies show they can give back 25% to 95% of return sales. And that’s no small thing.

Truth be told, there are numerous ways to cultivate your customer’s appreciation. Top on the list is to forge awesome relationships with them by sending gifts. Listed below are 5 gift ideas to give your relationship marketing a boost.

Prospecting Gifts

The first step to being in business is to prospect for clients. For many salespeople, it’s a tall order. Connecting with people you hardly know about can surely be a challenge even when done online. But a prospecting gift can sure take those butterflies in the stomach away.

With a prospecting gift, your sales team can easily make a personal connection, easing the tension away. To get this going, target a more personalized approach. A big 96% of digital marketers surveyed believe personalized gifts pave the way for a stronger customer relationship.

It doesn’t have to be much. A gift card to some of the best coffee shops in town should do. Or a tumbler with your brand on it. To add to the surprise, you can have the gift delivered right to the prospect’s office.

Gifts for New Clients 

When your prospects become actual online customers, a welcoming gift can surely bring about a lot of cheers. Doing that speaks volumes about the kind of service your company gives. For one, that process of client onboarding sure can be overwhelming.

That gift is a simple “thank you” that shows that you care for your customers, and not just their money. Though you may want to give the best gifts to your customers, it doesn’t have to be over the top. What matters is to allow your customers to feel that the gift they receive is really for them. Some gifts you can tap for your new clients are:

  • Box of chocolates
  • Sweet gift box

Adding a simple note of thanks handwritten should add to your personal touch. It’s best you find the right mix to delight your customer in their first journey toward discovering your brand.

Customer’s Personal Milestone

A great way to bolster relationships with your customers is by celebrating their personal milestones. It does not have to mean that you’re spying on them. Instead, it’s one way to build stronger ties by pushing business boundaries and keeping tabs on what’s happenings in their lives.

Personal special events worth looking into are:

  • Birthday
  • Client anniversaries
  • Weddings

Again, personalization on this matter is important. Make sure that the item given can be used away from the office. This implies that what you’re doing is not a business transaction, but an act of gratitude.

Take note that there are many gift ideas to give to your customers. Thankfully, you need not bend over backward just to find reliable sources for gifts. For one, you can partner with local souvenir and gift shops that house an awesome line of items. You can even arrange for the items to be personalized and delivered right at the client’s door.

Loyalty Rewards Initiatives

A simple way to improve your relationships with your customers is by giving them incentives.  Not only is it hypothetical, but it’s a proven way to cement a business relationship. However,  remember that loyalty rewards programs work differently on different businesses.

If you’re dealing with a shorter sales cycle, you can use a point system each time they purchase. For longer cycles, customers may feel overwhelmed in garnering reward points. In the case of businesses with shorter sales cycles, you can give customers a gift card if they gathered certain points. This works well in boosting the loyalty of your customers.

Each point may correspond with certain rewards. Much better, you can give customers with high points a high-value gift. This way, you make loyalty also a competition while boosting your sales.

Team Milestone

Indeed, the success of your customers is your success too. So it’s important to celebrate the professional milestones of your customer. Doing so reminds your customers that you care about their business and their success.

But the success of your customers sure is a product of team success. So make sure that your gift can be given to the team involved. Examples you can make the most of include branded apparel items with the customer’s company logo. Every time they wear them, they’ll thank your brand for taking care of their team.

Business is really about connecting with customers. By cultivating strong relationships, you also strengthen your online business. Sales skyrocket naturally. That’s the beauty of relationship marketing.

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