Keep On Learning: Using Online Learning Platforms For Your Business

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The secret to business success is understanding that you don’t know everything. There will always be something that you don’t know. To overcome this, you will either need to hire more people who have the necessary skills or develop your current employees. Adding training to your employee’s work schedule is nothing new. Various groups and individuals offer business training conferences to enhance various business skills. For example, Rudy Miick has been teaching and training companies leadership skills for three decades now.

But the problem nowadays is that people usually are strapped for time and resources. This is where online learning comes in. There are various online learning platforms out there that can give you and your people the training that they need to succeed. Here are some topics that your company should learn more about to succeed.


One of the obvious things you can learn online is marketing. Nowadays, it is an important part to develop this skill if you want to break into the wider market. The modern customer base spends a lot of time online, and you want to be able to reach them. There are several free resources you can count on before you turn to a paid course. One of these is the PPC University, which is run by one of the big names in digital marketing, Wordstream.

Besides formal learning courses, you can also develop your skills by following marketing blogs and channels. A lot of marketing experts maintain an online presence. While some of it is to show off their brand, they can also present great insights to marketing that your company can use to its advantage.


The online environment is also an ideal place to learn various technical skills. Whether it is learning to design websites or learning a programming language, there are a lot of choices for anyone to learn the essential skills that they need for their tech needs. If you want your employees to have additional knowledge of tech or for them to continue their training, then you should give them access to various training online training courses. For example, Codeacademy is a perfect resource for beginners and experts alike. Newbies can learn about specific programming languages while experts can brush up on specific skills that they haven’t used in some time.


An essential skill when you are running a business is finance. A lot of companies have failed because the people at the top don’t know how to care for the business’ finances properly. While you may know basic arithmetic, it takes more than that to ensure a business is in the black properly. It can get confusing with the various factors involved. Getting some additional financial training can be a big help. Even if your company hires an accountant to do the books, it is always a good idea to have some knowledge of what is happening so that you can make the right decisions immediately. Several free online courses help people develop their skills in finance.


A lot of people are not good at communicating. You can trace it back to personal shyness and other factors from their childhood education. However, proper communication is important when it comes to dealing with business. Whether it is negotiating a sale with a customer or presenting to your board, your people need to have adequate communication skills to get the best results. There are several communication and public speaking courses available that can teach your people the necessary skills. Besides that, there are also personal communication coaches for those who need extensive training. Look one of them up if you want to be a great salesman for your company.

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Personal Development

It is not just the main skills of your employees that you have to focus on. Developing various skills and habit is just as important. You need to ensure that they have more than technical skills at their job. A good employee needs to know how to manage their time, adapt to circumstances, and more. While some of these can be difficult to teach, there are online courses that can help your employees improve themselves. For example, online courses on time management can be a big help to any employee that often faces a time crunch.

Online learning can be hit-or-miss. If you want to start on it, you need to be sure about the learning platform that you are using. Check on the credentials of the platform and what exactly it offers. It is preferred to join a program that has proven results. Invest in your people so that your company can benefit from it.

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