Tactics to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Digital marketing comes in different forms, with the most popular ones being search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing. And it makes sense, as the platforms they target have a large, international audience. If you already have them set up and you want to get more online traffic and conversions, try out email marketing. It may be one of the oldest techniques in the digital marketing handbook, but it’s still definitely viable in 2020. This is because most people trust email newsletters more than other online sources. Over 60% of U.S. adults are subscribed to at least one newsletter.

The researchers from PowerInbox and Mantis Research found that there’s an inherent trust in this medium because the readers themselves subscribe to the newsletters they read. However, an update email here and there won’t boost your traffic and conversions as you expect. Like any other digital marketing technique, there’s a strategy for doing email marketing. Here are some tactics to make your campaign successful.

Personalize Your Messages

These days, there’s no one-size-fits-all for email marketing. Over 72% of customers will only respond to marketing messages that are personalized for them. Personalization is a must in every digital marketing method you use. You can do this for email by finding opportunities in your sales data.

Are some of your customers abandoning their carts? Have your outsourced digital marketing agency send them a reminder along with other products to upsell. If you’re offering promos to customers with memberships or people in certain locations, let them know immediately. Personalized emails let your customers know that you care about their needs and preferences. Use them whenever you can.

Create or Promote Your Informational Content

Consumers don’t just want personalized content. They want something they can learn from, too. According to Adobe’s recent Consumer Content Survey, over 65% of respondents see accuracy as a top priority in their content. About 60% of them also said that they want to see informative content from brands. If your company recently published a study or even a simple blog article, feature it on your emails with highlights or a short summary. Give customers something to learn with every article and they’re sure to be excited about every newsletter you send.

Make the Most of User-generated Content

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Whether it’s on social media or even their own website, brands are using product photos that customers take to promote their products. This is called user-generated content (UGC) and it’s proven to be quite effective. Over 85% of customers say that UGC, especially visual content, influences their purchasing decisions more than photos and videos generated by brands themselves.

Look for your brand or products on social media sites and ask users if you can feature their photos in your next newsletter. You could also incentivize UGCs by providing discounts or even free samples to those who provide the best photos and videos. Whether they want the incentives or the attention from being featured on your newsletter, you’ll have a steady supply of UGCs — and the traffic and conversions that come with them.

Email marketing is a digital marketing method that some people overlook, even if it’s the one customers trust the most. These techniques breathe new life into your newsletters by putting your customers, not just your products and services, front and center. With personalized, informative, and user-generated content in your emails, you’re sure to get more visits and conversions.

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