Types of Corporate Promotional Videos

woman editing videosOnline marketing has gone through various transformations over time to cater to the needs of an ever-changing market. There are now several ways of getting your message across on different online marketing platforms. One of the most efficient is the use of corporate videos.

Corporate video production might, however, leave you with significant losses and bad press if not expertly handled by an ad agency in Salt Lake City. The most common type of corporate video is promotional videos. Here are the different types of corporate promotional videos.

Introductory Videos

These videos boost your business by enhancing its authenticity. Images and texts, unlike videos, do not give you an opportunity to look your clients in the eye, and hence customers might not associate your business with authentic products.

With the rise of online scams, an introductory video to boost your authenticity goes a long way in helping clients to trust your brand.

Product Videos

This is the most common type of promo video. A product promotional video highlights your new products or re-introduces your existing ones.

These videos give you a chance to engage your audience’s attention and showcase the quality of your product while highlighting its benefit and features. For today’s market, the ‘human touch’ in these videos significantly boosts your product’s sales.

Instructional Videos

These are tutorials which show your client how to perform specific tasks connected to your product. The primary objective of how-to videos is to build your brand’s authority and convince clients that your brand is the best pick for their job. By placing yourself as a leader in your field, you become the go-to solution for all queries.

The above videos are guaranteed to impact your bottom line in different ways. They will captivate your clients’ interests since most customers nowadays find texts and images boring. These videos are also easy to share hence reach a broad audience and will boost your SEO ranking faster than other content.

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