Understanding the Different Types of Content For SEO

SEO conceptMany people do not know that SEO is more than just blogging. It is not just about updating your posts frequently and uploading new ones. It is about everything else on your website. Think of it as a house. Is your door the only thing you care about? Is it all your visitors want to see?

Any SEO consultant in Utah will advise you to use proper images or to have videos on your site. These elements work, but they do not work alone. Because SEO is broad, there is a need to include other content types to establish yourself as an authority in your field. SEO Werkz cites some of them.


Infographics are visually appealing data-filled pieces of content. Data can be boring from a consumer’s standpoint, so you need to present it in an interactive and attractive way. Viewers share infographics more and you want that. In fact, they are thrice as likable and shareable than just stating the facts. They can even go viral. However, if you want to stand out, you may want to hire professionals to do it for you.


Memes are easy to make, funny, and effortlessly popularized. If you doubt it, just look at social media. People use them to communicate so much it is almost becoming an industry – the meme industry. What adds to their value is how you use them. Part of comedy is the application at the right time in the right way. But remember to use the memes moderately; valuable, informative, and rich content still prevails.


People are always looking for information online. Guides provide this information. They win by feeding the reader’s hunger for knowledge. There is a catch though; you must be a good writer or you will bore your audience with drab lines that read like computer codes. It also helps if you have a good designer who can present a good idea attractively.

As a pro tip, make sure the information you provide is something your readers want to know.

Getting people to visit the first time is relatively easy. Keeping them is the difficult part. Mixing these content types helps you keep your visitors engaged, your content fresh, and your brand at the top.

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