21st-Century Digital Marketing Defined by the Three A’s

man holding a digital marketing sphere

man holding a digital marketing sphere

The moving parts of your digital marketing strategy could have so many pieces you can lose track of a handful. In an age where the choice of professional website design in Kansas City or any other city in the U.S. could spell the difference between failure and success, your organization must learn to leverage the most important aspects of digital marketing. It’s not easy to simplify your strategy, but we can compress it into three essential words — authenticity, agility, and actionable.


Authenticity is a very powerful concept because digital marketers should always remember that they are dealing with real people. The digital realm may be mostly intangible, but the people you are selling your products and services to have real lives and real concerns. The tactics you choose would be irrelevant if the person you want to invite to your website is not convinced that your products or services would make a difference in their lives.

When identifying business goals, which serve as the foundation for strategic planning, your organization should keep authenticity in mind. This valuable quality is easy to overlook or neglect. Yet, time and again, sincerity and honesty attract people’s attention. Use content to your advantage. Be authentic in all the ways you intend to present your brand. Get personal and appeal to people’s emotions and biases. Do not hesitate to share the values that serve as the backbone of your organization.

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Why would consumers continue choosing you if you are rigid and you refuse to embrace change? There should be no conflict with keeping to your target long-term goals and being agile. You cannot refuse to change a plan just because it seemed sound and effective a few months back. Your strategic plan should be flexible and changeable in consideration of the changes in the outside world. Ignoring developments and trends could be your downfall.

Remember that SEO patterns, trends, social media platforms, and audience preferences change more rapidly than expected. Anticipate radical shifts and act upon them in a timely manner. Be nimble and quick to adapt. Tweak if you must. If you apply the necessary changes while keeping true to your aim, then success is at hand. The result should always remain visible and reachable when you modify your digital marketing strategy.


Who are you marketing to? Do you know your target audience well enough? A beautifully crafted digital marketing strategy is useless if the audience will not be moved to act upon it. What truly matters is that you present them with actionable suggestions. Your recommendations and offerings should be relevant to the people you are talking to. Your digital marketing strategy must keep reminding them that they need your products and services. Moreover, your organization must give them concrete ways to respond to your offers.

How are you getting your message across to potential customers? Your prospects must see you as an authentic authority on the subject. They should know up front that you are agile and willing to accommodate the change. Lastly, you should send out a message that encourages a prompt and favorable response.

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