3 Tips to Make a Clickable Call to Action Button

Hand holding mouseIn the current internet-based world, content is king. With the right words, you can get to push someone from being a constant website visitor to a lead.

One part of web design in Minnesota that will add to the success of your marketing efforts is your call to action button. It plays a role in invoking the visitor’s emotion and urging them towards doing something. Because of that, you should use an inviting call to action button on your website.

Here are three tips when setting them up:

1. Avoid using Friction Words.

Friction can kill your marketing goals. Avoid using these words in your call to action button. They give the idea that your customer has to give something up to get something in return.

Some of these words include: pay, submit, give, sponsor, and donate. Instead, use words like share, join, or learn. These kinds of words portray your website as one where your readers will benefit a lot from clicking on that button.

2. Use Fewer Call to Action Buttons.

Human brains often to freeze when confronted with multiple decisions. Posting several buttons on your website’s landing page will confuse your visitors. While long landing pages might call for a couple of buttons, using one button on your landing page is enough if page has little content.

3. Choose an Inviting Button Color.

Color plays a big role in marketing. The right choice of colors can get you to invite more people to click on your button. However, do not compromise the aesthetics of your site by using colors that do not go well with the rest of the colors on your site. Choose a color for your button that would not only stand out from the background but also invite your readers to click on it.

In the quest to win customers from your competitors, quality content is not enough. Details that might seem trivial can mean a lot. Take note of the above tips to create a great call to action button.

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