5 Design Elements That Boost Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimization ConceptAre you looking for ways to improve the conversion rate of your websites? Experts on web design from Salt Lake City agree that including appealing web elements can increase your site's conversion rate. Here are some elements that you can incorporate to jazz up your pages: 

Include Fade-in Features

Website loading time is essential for improving visitor experience and Google’s indexing. Occasionally, you may need to a feature that loads slower than everything else on a page. To reduce this element’s negative effects, integrate fade-in elements to accommodate the slow loading speed. Keep the fade to a second or even faster to avoid distracting a viewer.

Use Hover States

This element indicates to a visitor that a particular button or area is clickable. This creates an interactive experience and adds a unique dynamic to your website. This can be a button enlarging when someone rolls over it, text changing color, or an image centering. 

Highlight the Call-to-Action

An effective call-to-action is one of the factors that positively affect conversion rates. Visitors must be able to identify important call-to-action moves. One of the ways to do this is to put them in a container; doing so grabs the attention of a visitor immediately. 

Interactive Forms

This element is fast-becoming a go-to feature for many websites to make them stand out from other sites. Traditionally, forms request information from visitors. Newer techniques invite visitors to interact and put the form on a web page rather than a landing page.

Sticky Navigation

Navigation plays a major role in your website. The easier it is to navigate your site, the faster a visitor gets what they need. Sticky menus eliminate the need to scroll all over the page to find what the visitor needs. This allows visitors to explore a page more efficiently while improving your conversion rate.

Using these design elements well will improve your conversion rate and user experience. Doing so will give you a competitive advantage and keep visitors coming back for more.

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