Reports of SEO’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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In recent years, marketers and other industry experts argued that search engine optimisation has died. Contrary to what you heard, however, a recent study by SEO experts has discovered that SEO continues to be a critical and foundational element of digital marketing.

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Decrease in Organic Search

Marketers associated the “death” of SEO to some factors. One such factor involves organic search, which refers to the unpaid distribution of your post. Marketers thought that web-users started to search elsewhere besides Google. This migration led them to believe that SEO died.

Rise of Other Search Platforms

The “elsewhere” mentioned above attributes to social networks and mobile apps such as Facebook, Yelp, or Pinterest. People have come to trust the reviews of their friends or simply other people to find businesses or services they need.

Niche social networks also offer simpler searching than the all-encompassing Google.

Still Relevant and Foundational

The factors above have made marketers believe that SEO is dead, but a recent study indicates otherwise. In the study, they proved SEO to be a continually effective lead generation strategy. It has also continued to be a foundational element in online marketing strategy.

Proof of Life

Evidence of SEO’s continued relevance includes content creation and keyword research that remain the most effective SEO tactics. Some 82% of marketing influencers even tout the effectiveness of SEO to continue increasing in the coming years. Around 42% of those believe that the growth will be significant.

Companies themselves continue to invest heavily in SEO. Last year, SEO received an investment of more than $65 billion. Trends even suggest that small businesses who invest in SEO will increase to 74% in 2017 alone.

Finally, regarding the statement that organic search is down, Google continues to process over 3.5 billion searches every day.

Search engine optimisation may be set to evolve in the coming years, but it definitely continues to breathe.

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