Beneficial to Many: Artificial Intelligence Draws in Human Engagement

Man using voice command on his smartphoneArtificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be ignored. It is consistently being developed, improved, worked on, and still not perfect. It is, however, still learning on its own, the more it is used. Created to mimic human intelligence, AIs can understand through context, which is why it continuously gets smarter.

Today, AI is being used in many ways and by a lot of companies, including businesses that want to engage with their potential customers in a smart way.

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence

AI in digital marketing is one of 2017’s trends, and it is set to continue to 2018. Businesses are highly encouraged to make use of this advanced technology in their websites and apps. Digital marketing experts from New Perspective believe that audience engagement is essential for any business to be successful.


One way of engaging with potential customers is with the use of AIs in the form of chatbots. Chatbots have been proven to increase customer engagement and sales. Snap decisions can be made online, and having any doubts quashed right away when their questions are answered makes it easy to decide whether to buy a product or not.

AI can also create an efficient sales process for e-commerce businesses. They are capable of seeing patterns in data that humans tend to miss. These machine learning AIs can use current data and make near accurate predictions when it comes to sales and purchases.

Siri and Alexa

Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, is a form of artificial intelligence. When Apple users ask her questions through the phone, she can pull up information from the internet to provide you with answers. The same is true for Amazon’s Alexa. In her case, she is also able to control specific features in the home; great for people with limited mobility.

Netflix also uses AI to predict what shows you might want to see, depending on what you have already watched or indicated interests you.

Artificial Intelligence is present in many aspects of everyday life; you sometimes don’t even notice. Maybe in that way, it is doing its job. You engage with it the same way you would if it were a human on the other side of the screen.

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