Driving Local Traffic to Your Site: Top Mistakes to Avoid

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As more people in the UK become more concerned about their oral health, you can expect the number of annual dental visits to rise. And with continuous efforts from the government to raise awareness of the benefits of good oral health, this trend most likely will continue.

As a dental practitioner, you can use this as a way to get more patients. By highlighting your training, knowledge, skills and expertise in your web content, you can spread oral health education to the people and build a positive reputation at the same time. This marketing strategy, however, can only produce results if your target audience reads your content. Dental SEO likewise plays a big role in making your practice more visible to potential clients.

To drive your target market to your site, make sure you avoid these mistakes:

Repurposing Outdated Content Without Updating It

In many cases, patients conduct a local search for dentists because they want to know more about specific dental treatments, services or products. They spend time comparing their options, particularly when it comes to procedures that cost more.

When you keep using old content for your current marketing strategies, you can fall behind on your rank-boosting efforts. Whilst you can re-purpose content, it is important to include updated information (for instance, a new type of orthodontic appliance, innovation in dental implants, etc.) about the topic.

Not Updating Your Website

One of the things that can pull down your site’s rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) is letting it go too long without any updates. You need to post new information on it regularly, whether via the ‘blog’ or the ‘news’ page. Failure to do so can make Google think that your site has gone static. In addition, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly already.

You have to keep informative and useful content coming (at least once a month). Keeping your content the same way it was six months ago would not help you make a name in the local dental market. Always remember that consumers constantly look for information that will help them achieve optimal oral health, so it is important to update your online assets regularly.

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