Brand Creation and Management: Why Athletes Need Brand Managers

manager reviewing a diagramAs an athlete, people already know what you do in the field. It is, therefore, upon you to portray the truest version of yourself by creating an authentic, marketable, and consistent image. This is what personal branding entails. It doesn’t revolve so much around life in the field, but outside of it, your interests and passion to emphasize personal attributes.

You control what you want to be seen by remaining authentic and true to yourself. Creatitive cites some good reasons to engage a brand manager for your athlete personal branding strategy.


Brand managers help clients map out long-term and short-term goals. These are essential when you want to explore opportunities outside the field. They will lay a strong foundation for a successful career, as well as help you express your values and explore your passion while sticking to your principles. These will impact your life positively even when your career is over.

Online Marketing

Online marketing for personal branding involves sharing content strategically and transparently with the goal of having a positive impact and staying memorable to your fans. Running your own social media accounts can be overwhelming. Yet, these platforms are necessary for your digital marketing.

Your brand manager will handle this for you diligently. They will map out your target audience, develop content, schedule events, and respond to inquiries made online. In the long term, they will build a social media marketing campaign that establishes your brand identity online.

Forge Partnerships

Capturing the right endorsements, partnerships, and sponsorships requires attention to details. A brand manager will establish diverse relationships, so you can attract the right companies to work with. Their engagements will be in line with what you value, and both sides will benefit from the deal.


With an active career, it is not always that you will have time to deal with complaints, rumors, and even scandalous events that pop up. Your manager will handle the press, organize for appearances, manage your calendar, conduct damage control, and be hands-on in dealing with matters concerning your brand image. This allows you to concentrate on your career.

Now that you know the importance of having a brand manager, it’s time to look for the right one. Work with a professional who has the characteristics mentioned above, and more.

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