Major Redesign: Does Your Website Need It?

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Web developer coding PHPWhen your web design hasn’t changed a bit in the past few years, it is normal to wonder if a redesign this necessary. Apart from wanting visitors to admire your website, you might also think that incorporating drastic changes can create some interest in your business or even increase your return-on-investment (ROI).

While a redesign can make your website aesthetically pleasing (when done right), you should know that visitors don’t spend most of their time staring and admiring the design and layout of your website. SEO experts in Denver note that the thing that matters to them is being able to find what they are looking for and getting their tasks done. This is why you need to think hard when considering a radical redesign.

Why Familiarity Wins

Visitors want to feel confident when navigating your website. They favor safe and familiar designs, as it is comfortable to use and matches their expectations. This is the reason all websites look the same. If you try to deviate from the familiar and make yours too different or unique, it is likely that visitors will get confused and abandon your site. This is because functionality matters more than aesthetic.

Should Be for the Right Reasons

SEO analyst and web developer talkingA major overhaul is not always a bad idea, especially when done for the right reasons. If you have gathered user data and feedback about your website, you’ll know the problems to be addressed. A consultation with an SEO expert or a web designer can help you make informed decisions. This will help you minimize the risk of a radical design that will work against your favor.

When Minimal Tweaks Will Do

In many cases, minimal adjustments are enough instead of a total redesign. Do take note that incorporating drastic changes mainly for aesthetic purposes will not necessarily benefit the internal problems of your business. If you are dealing with high visitor turnover, for instance, you may want to look into the other aspects of your site instead of rushing into a redesign. You may want to offer some fresh and shareable content or make some tweaks to improve your site’s navigation and usability.

A new website or a redesign will not necessarily attract more visitors and increase your sales. You can benefit from consulting an SEO expect to find out how you can address the issues regarding your website and online presence.

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