Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right WMS Solutions for Your Business

man and woman in a warehouse looking at a computer

man and woman in a warehouse looking at a computerIn acquiring the right warehouse management system (WMS) solution to support your business, there are factors to look for or risk wasting a good amount of money. But what should you look for in the system if you are not that too techie savvy?

Knowing which questions to ask is the first step towards identifying the most suitable system for your business. Here are some thoughts that will help guide you on how WMS should work:


Does it cover all the functions of your business? Does it give you options to track the merchandise? Are you able to track the productivity of the entire workforce? If it doesn’t answer all your questions, then it’s time to look for another system. Remember, the most important question when it comes to choosing the right system is to ensure that every operation is covered by the system, from receiving the merchandise to delivery.


woman holding laptop man holding a scanner in warehouseWhile the system may include all the functionalities you need, is it easy to navigate throughout the system? Are you able to easily access all the most used features? Are there other functions that you totally do not need but is on the main page?

One of the things about automation is making the process not only efficient and effective, but it should also make the process faster. For instance, you should be able to see the entire inventory report with just a couple of clicks. Some systems give you and your clients the option to easily monitor the whereabouts of the merchandise in real time.


How about your business’s long-term goals, do they include plans for expansion? If yes, you have to ensure that the software has the capability to be modified without affecting your business’ day-to-day operation. While most systems have generic functionalities initially installed, the software should have the option to modify the system to fit the needs of the business.

Like the weather, the future of businesses is also unpredictable. As your business grows, there might be a need to create a new section or dissolve an existing one. Thus, the software should be modifiable. Remember, one important aspect of a software solution is that it should be based on an open architecture which means it can be modified to fit your future expansion needs.


One of the most sellable factors of a software solution is the track record of its creator. Surely, when you visit their website, it’ll tell you the list of companies who have purchased their software. But does that give you much about the product itself?

Investigate and ask around. You have the list on the website; inquire whether they are satisfied with the software. Ask them what makes them continue subscribing, what the most useful features are but more importantly, get to know if they have any not so good comments about the system.

When choosing the right warehouse management system, don’t just look at the price. Check whether all your business operations are covered, the system is open for modification and it’s easy to use. Make sure your questions and concerns are cleared and that you are very satisfied with the answers.

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