3 Ways You Can Create a Solid Online Presence

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Whether it’s for personal reasons like making new connections to share your interests and hobbies or professional purposes to let the world know that you’re open for business, an online presence can be a huge help. More and more people go on the Internet and turn to social media to make meaningful connections, both professionally and on a personal level. The more visible you are on the World Wide Web, the better your chances are at finding the right fit you want to make.

Social Media Networking

Expand your social circle by linking to other people who share the same hobbies and interests. Even if it’s just about going to the same school or living in the same area, you’ll find a lot of things in common with other people who share your experiences or zip code. Sign up at the most popular social media platforms today and see your connections grow from zero to possibly thousands in a short time.

Be sure to go through the entire process of completing your profiles so that you’ll have a better online reach. The more details you provide, the more complete and three-dimensional you become to others. Aside from becoming more real and more tangible to people who are viewing you over the Internet, the more that relevant keywords and data can be immediately associated with you.

You can’t just sign up for everything and anything, though! Choosing your social platforms wisely is also important. Depending on the kind of communication you feel most comfortable with, there’s bound to be quite a few that would let you express yourself. You need to choose the best one that you can handle so that you don’t spread yourself too thin with too many. Maintaining presence and keeping posts up-to-date takes time and effort on your part.

A Presence for Business and for Working Online

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Specialized platforms for professionals are good places to build a focused profile, so recruiters, employers, and clients can find you quickly. LinkedIn and Etsy are two examples of such sites where you can build connections and showcase your skills and talents.

Having your own personalized spot on the Internet is also another way of making sure that you get noticed. You can start off with your own personal blog on any of the free blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress. If you’re more comfortable with the spoken word rather than the written word, you can set up an account with YouTube.

However, if you’re going to launch a professional or business presence, it would be best to have a website done by experts, tailor-fit just for you. There are a lot of web designers anywhere who can help, like those from web design service providers in Mountain Home, Arkansas. There are only a few places that the Internet cannot reach nowadays.


For those who are into a centralized place that utilizes interaction across social circles, posting thoughts, accessing different feeds for news and entertainment, and even maintaining an online shop, a site like Facebook is very reliable. On the other hand, Twitter gives you a chance to express yourself in short, witty ways to like-minded friends and groups who want to connect with you. It’s mostly for words, link, and quick, snappy expression. It doesn’t support as much information as Facebook can.

Instagram and Tumblr, on the other hand, can give you a more photo image-oriented presentation of yourself. You can still type away, but there is a shorter word limit than on Facebook.

Of course, as much as you may come to enjoy a rich, strong online life, don’t neglect your life offline. Actually living and participating in the real world are fuel and fodder for what you put in your posts, feeds, portfolio, and work experience.

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