Identify the Perfect Call-to-Action for Better Conversions

Advertising campaign promotionCalls-to-action such as 'sign-up now', 'buy now' and 'subscribe' are okay, but you'll need something more creative to grab the attention of an informed audience that has several choices. The CTA copy is the hook, line, and sinker when you want to convert an iffy and undecisive visitor.

Most PPC agencies in Denver cite the following techniques that add more spice into an otherwise bland CTA.

Selling a Trial

Some visitors can't help but click because they se a free trial of a product or service. This is the ideal time to test the market and the effectiveness of your offerings. The trial helps you identify the pros and cons of what you offer, which gives you the chance to improve them. If a visitor likes the trial, they are likely to buy the full package after the period; with this, you earn a satisfied customer that may recommend your brand for you.

The best PPC marketing strategies in Denver, however, don't stop there. You have to assist your audience through the process through trials; if you ask them to make a purchase first, chances are they'll click back and look elsewhere.

Elicit an Emotional Response

Emotion is a powerful influencer on the actions of a person; advertisiers can leverage this in their PPC calls-to-action. You want to elicit happiness, anxiety, excitement, enthusiasm, and others based on what you offer. These emotions allow you to get your desired action; whether it is to subscribe to your newsletter or to make a purchase now. Wording your pitch in ways like 'get 60% off on your next family vacation' or 'save 40% on your next romantic hotel booking' triggers the imagination and excitement of couples or families looking to get a good deal.

Describe the Advantages

You have a few characters and pixels to describe the benefits of choosing your brand make them count. Highlight the biggest advantage a customer will gain, if they use your product. Doing so convinces them to click and make a purchase or at least give it a try.

These are only a handful of ideas that enable you to improve your call-to-action and get better conversions. Implementing these will entice your audience to not just click on your ads, but also make a purchase, subscribe or do the action you want.

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