Online Marketing: How Important Is it in the Real Estate Industry?

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Man writing the online marketing informationProperty isn’t easy to market. Apart from being an expensive investment, real estate deals with a more specific and meticulous audience compared to other industries. Before selling a home or commercial space, real estate agents must meet with numerous clients, waiting and wishing to close a deal. The process can be stressful, which is why agents should always seek the best ways to market and sell their properties.

Luckily, agents now have online marketing. Websites, social media, and other online channels have greatly influenced real estate marketing in the Philippines. As a real estate agent, how does this affect you and your business? How can online marketing broaden your reach and increase your sales? Here are five ways.


According to Statista, 26.7% of global internet users are between 25 to 34 years old. Majority of this population are from online markets in Asia, including the Philippines. Online marketing can help real estate agents reach and sell to younger audiences, which typically consist of young professionals and newly-married couples who are also first-time home-buyers. Digital channels are great means to convince such individuals to purchase property.

Th best online marketing practices to employ:

Rely on social media when targeting younger audiences. Facebook and Instagram are two of the best channels to utilize since these are where millennials usually spend their time online. Be consistent with your postings and make use of good design. Only publish content that is appealing and professional at the same time.


Online marketing is very cost-friendly. A website domain usually costs as low as P1,500 per year while web hosting for business is around P3,000 to P4,000. Social media, on the other hand, is usually free. With online marketing, real estate agents can reach target audiences without having to spend much on promotion. By using the right online channels and other outlets for selling property (Lamudi and OLX to name a few), real estate agents can efficiently collect leads for their businesses.

The best online marketing practices to employ:

Social media is still the winner here. However, if you don’t have enough money to hire a professional designer, consider hiring an experienced photographer instead. This way, you can post attractive photos of properties for sale on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Don’t forget to add captions, which should include complete information and calls to action. If you wish to advance this strategy, consider boosting your content on Facebook. Boosted posts cost around P250 to P500.


Are you planning to sell property to foreigners who aspire to invest or retire in the Philippines? Or maybe Overseas Filipinos Workers are part of your target audience? If the answer is yes, then online marketing is your best friend. Real estate marketing in the Philippines can be limited but digital marketing affords agents have the chance to connect with potential clients from all over the world.

The best online marketing practices to employ:

SEO is the way to go. Develop a website and ensure that it has all the right keywords that will lead potential home-buyers to your page. Keywords such as “property for sale in the Philippines” or “real estate in Philippines” should appear on your web content naturally. Also, don’t forget to use headings and include images on every web-page.


Being a real estate agent is the business itself. Your name, as well as the kind and quality of the properties you sell, will forever be part of your career. Because of this, it is only smart to beef up your credibility to gain the trust of new home-buyers and make former clients return to your services. Digital marketing can help you by boosting your name and services to online audiences, ultimately increasing your number of customers.

The best online marketing practices to employ:

Building credibility online requires plenty of work. For starters, you need to create a Facebook Business Page that is dedicated to your real estate business. Fill out all the “About” information (name, category, business hours, product/service information, contact details, and links) so home-buyers know that you’re real.

Having a blog on your website is important as well. Publish articles that will not only attract clients but will also depict your know-how in the industry. Focus on related topics such as real estate trends and home buying tips to further boost your authority. A blog is also a great way to enhance your SEO strategy.


Home hunting is an arduous task, especially for investors who do not have much time to visit and examine every available property. Real estate agents can provide a solution to this by using online marketing to their advantage. Through websites and digital ads, home-buyers can access and assess properties that suit their fancy. Photos and videos allow home-buyers to choose property without having to step outside.

The best online marketing practices to employ:

If you have enough budget for online marketing, set aside some money for video content. Video is important when doing real estate marketing in the Philippines. Other than being more interesting, it also allows real estate agents to talk about various topics online. Create video testimonials, listing videos, live-streams, and tour videos that will entice customers to buy property.

Traditional real estate agents need to step into the digital age and enjoy the benefits of online marketing. Connect with potential buyers and increase your sales by knowing—and practicing—the best online marketing strategies in the industry. Online marketing is here to stay; use it to your advantage.

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