SEM Trends that Work Beyond 2018

Digital marketing concept shotEvery start of the year, you watch out for posts that say which SEO trends will still work and which ones have to be left behind. Every year, you follow what everyone else is already doing and wonder why you’re not getting more favourable results. Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking of strategies that only work for one year.

These have been working for a while, and they will continue to draw good results in 2018:

Quality Content

If you’ve still delivering content with the only aim of stuffing it with keywords, you’re way behind. Google has long since turned its back to keyword stuffing, and it may even penalise your website for using such a tactic. What you and your partner SEM company in Singapore should focus on is the quality of content you provide. Make it authoritative, and double-check for grammatical errors and false statements.

Customer Engagement

You don’t get a special citation from Google for being friendly to your customers, but your customers will take notice of the kind of service you provide, and this will lead to positive reviews. They are also your source of free traffic through word-of-mouth advertising. Improving your interactions with customers also encourages them to share the content you post, so you reach a bigger audience.

Natural Language

Whether you’re optimising for voice search, desktop search or mobile search, it’s important to pay attention to how your content sounds. You do not want to sound like a robot–which is what happens when you stuff the article with keywords and talk about a random topic with key terms inserted randomly in them. Work on a cohesive and relevant post instead, and let Google do the rest.

Some trends come and go, but others have been proven effective time and again. This 2018, make good digital marketing calls.

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