Surefire Marketing Techniques That Attract Modern Internet Users

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Digital marketing is an art and science in its own right. Mastering it unlocks business opportunities that will give way to an exponential boost in brand reputation and company sales. That is why more companies in London find it worthwhile to invest in the services of SEO companies to help them overcome tricky waters and frustrations, and eventually succeed on both local and global scales.

One of the challenges that companies face, for example, is keeping up with the fast-paced shifting of marketing trends. A trusted London SEO company shares some of the marketing techniques that appeal the most to younger generations.

Making Full Use of Social Media

A chaotic landscape of viral videos, erratically structured posts, memes, and younger audiences holding the power to promote or ‘cancel’ brands and their brand ambassadors overnight, social media is a very unpredictable path to tread. However, it can be rewarding in epic proportions when navigated correctly.

Social media has given brands an easier means for direct customer engagement through messaging apps and posts that mimic the language and general practices of how younger customers interact with each other. Younger audiences who deem a brand ‘relatable’ tend to patronize that brand’s products and services.

Moreover, the use of videos and GIFs in blog posts and the utilization of the multi-platform feature ‘stories’ have succeeded in attracting contemporary Internet users for brand awareness, recognition, and hype.

AR Ads

The brilliant combination of technology, contemporary habit emulation, fun, and functionality of AR ads makes them an effective marketing technique. It also helps that the companies that make the most out of this particular approach have products and services that match the needs and interests of the current generation.

Some companies that have made use of this technique are makeup and apparel brands. Their integration of AR to make customers easily and freely see for themselves how products and services will fare on them before even availing anything proved timely, trendy, and effective.



Let’s be honest: as consumers who are constantly exposed to a barrage of corporate advertising, we tend to eventually tune everything out and just adopt a stagnant way of consumption, in that we don’t really feel the need to try new things anymore because we’ve already established our tried-and-tested go-to products. Influencer marketing has proven effective in somehow breaching this consumer mindset.

Influencers are Internet celebrities who are not necessarily famous, established artists. In fact, mostly they are popular online personas who have over time and usually solely on their own amassed a large following, due to their expertise or some other specific branding in their own respective niches. The reason why they work is that they are a breath of fresh air in the scene of generic e-mails, recycled TV commercials, and similar-sounding slogans.

More than just the outcome of some closed-door board meeting presentation, influencers are trusted, relatable friends recommending a product they liked and thought would be good for you, too. This strategy establishes a more organic and authentic air of persuasion, something that younger audiences find more appealing, attention-worthy, and believable over other ways of advertising.

The recent years have seen an interesting array of marketing techniques that prove successful – some of these trends were results of technological advancements, and some were by-products of social and cultural developments. Notably, though, most of these trends, if not all, seem to thrive on the needs, interests, and attention of more contemporary Internet users.

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