What Was the Most Googled Product in Colorado in 2017?

online shoppingOnline shoppers in Colorado searched for Handerpants, swim briefs and tube socks more than any other state in 2017, according to an analysis of Google trends.

On the unusual side, people also searched for Borat mankinis — a type of swimwear popularized by the movie. The state isn’t alone with its oddly popular search terms. In Maryland, residents searched for bacon soda online more often than shoppers from other states.

Search Patterns

The most frequently searched terms could be different today, but the good news is that digital marketing has become more modernized to meet the rapidly changing consumer preferences. For instance, an SEO company in Denver, Colorado, could help you monitor trending topics among online shoppers.

Search engine optimization (SEO), should be a priority among small businesses. Online presence is no longer just an option for retailers. Instead, it has become a requirement for their survival due to more people choosing to shop remotely than buying items in-store.

Online Sales Tax

Aside from product searches, ecommerce businesses in Colorado should take note of new taxes from online sales. The US Supreme Court recently imposed the collection of taxes depending on the general rule of physical location, which refers to a store, warehouse, sales employee or an office in your home state.

This means that online retailers in Colorado might not have to collect taxes from a customer in other states if they have no physical presence from that area.

However, intra-state transactions will be subject to sales taxes. It’s best to consult with a lawyer to find out the extent to which your business should comply with the new regulation.

Whether it involves strange or regular items, online retailers have the edge when they know the popular search terms within their target markets. A full-service digital marketing provider would help you use this information to your advantage.

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