Singapore Holds Record For Fastest Internet Worldwide

Online Marketing ConceptSingapore’s fixed and mobile broadband speeds emerged on different rankings worldwide, according to Ookla’s Net Index and British telecommunication firm

The small yet modern country’s average surfing speed for fixed broadband reached 154.38Mbps in July 2017, the highest on the Ookla index. Its average download speed topped an analysis of among 189 countries, with 55.13Mbps in a 12-month period ending in May based on the report.

Fast Connection

Whilst Singapore may not have the fastest mobile broadband speed, it has continued to rank first in terms of fixed broadband speeds across the globe for the last 12 months. According to experts, one reason for the fast connection involves its small land area, which makes it easier to distribute Internet services to its residents. said that with its average mobile broadband speed, Internet users in the city-state could download a 7.5-gigabyte movie in less than 20 minutes. It will take over two days to download the same file if you are in Yemen, which has the slowest speed among the surveyed countries.

Slower Mobile Speed

In terms of mobile broadband speed, the city-state failed to retain its top ranking in August 2016, as it fell to No. 4 worldwide, according to the Ookla Net Index. Average 3G and 4G surfing speed in the country only reached 45.99Mbps, behind Norway, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Still, businesses should be pleased that the Lion City’s digital connection remains strong, as online facilities are already a staple part of operations. Whether you need an SEO agency in Singapore or a digital advertising company, fast download, upload and surfing speeds are extremely important.

In this age of digital technology, a fast and reliable Internet connection remains important for personal and business purposes. If your company relies on high-speed Internet, you should leverage Singapore’s fast broadband speeds to achieve a more productive business operation.

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