Art Exposure: Using SEO to Get Your Art, and Name, Out There

Woman appreciating artExposure is the bread and butter of visual artists. They create art to be seen, felt, and experienced. The better their work, the more their name spreads. The more their name becomes popular, the higher their chances of making a sale. Sales determine their marketability, which in turn, means success and fame. Fame is what gets an artist going.

Taking Advantage of Technology

As it is the age of information, almost everything can be found with the click of the mouse. A quick search on Google for that lipstick you’ve always wanted, and it’s done. A list of sellers, their prices, and other recommended items will fill up your computer screen. Type in the name of Van Gogh, and Google will provide you with his life, his death, and his works. So do you make sure you stand out when you post images of your artworks on your blogs or web pages online? This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in.

According to experts from SEO Charlotte, SEO focuses on making a site more visible on organic search engines. It makes sure that when potential clients type in certain words related to your products, your site comes up as high as possible on a search engine’s first page of search results, boosting your visibility. In an update this year, Google made searching for artwork more interactive.

How to Make Your Site SEO-friendly

First off, it’s best to think hard about what your goals are for your works. Brainstorming is always a good way to start, so think about what you want to offer, if you’re willing to sell your works online, what kind of artwork you produce, and such.

Next, fix up your web page. As an artist, your name is your brand. It’s what everyone needs to know if you are to become a success, which means that your domain name is literally your name. Keywords are extremely important as well, and it needs to be related to you and your work.

There are many ways to use SEO to make sure your web page generates as much traffic as possible. Getting people to see you is just the first step to your success as an artist. Keeping your name in their memory is another. In the wise words of Emily Dickinson, “Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate,” so don’t be complacent.

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