Cloud-based Management Solutions: Are They Suitable for Your Company?

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More and more companies are turning to cloud-based solutions and turning away from structured and installed programs. Turning to the cloud reduces the stress on a company’s integrated systems, allowing it to devote more processing power to more immediate and crucial tasks. There are numerous cloud-based management solutions available for companies, but some stand out from the rest.

Wrike: Coworking and Telecommuting Platform

Coworking is alive and kicking — even after the whole WeWork fiasco. Coworking might have taken a hit, but a multitude of companies still subscribe to the business model. If your company employs freelancers or offers telecommuting options to your workers, Wrike can be an invaluable tool. Wrike consolidates task automation, performance monitoring, and analytics into one platform. You can monitor an employee’s active tasks, current workload, and actual progress. The platform also allows communication between team members for better coordination.

Symantec Web Security: Firewalls and Antivirus

A cloud-based web security option like Symantec has distinct advantages. It is automatically updated daily, and corruption via worm or virus is virtually impossible. Symantec’s security solution will not hamper your system with long updates, and system checks are carried on using an external system. The security solution is not vulnerable to on-site hacks or viruses and maintains full integrity and efficiency at all times. It allows you to control access and governance over specific aspects of your system while also providing safeguards against online and network-based threats. Symantec also protects your cloud-based data while also providing policy control over web, social, and mobile networks.

ServiceNow: Multi-purpose Resource Management

ServiceNow is a game-changer. The platform will revolutionize how your IT systems operate, streamlining, and automating tasks like asset management, field service management, incident management, resource management, and many others. ServiceNow can easily be integrated into your company’s systems, and implementation specialists are readily available to train your staff. Integration can take as little as a week. One to three days of training is usually enough to give employees a grasp of the system. The platform allows your company a multitude of options regarding management solutions — all streamlined or automated.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud: Backups and Cloud Storage

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Media companies and corporations with active social media presence require constant back-ups, preferably away from corporate-owned platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Zoolz allows you to create a mirror site on the cloud, which can house all your social media content as well as make a record of all the interactions regarding it. Social media platforms have complete control of their site’s content, and vague TOS (terms of service) rules have allowed them to take down anyone they wish, sequestering the posted content and removing your access over it. Constant backups will give you greater control over your content as well as provide evidence with which to dispute any claims against your company or your content, especially as social media companies are acting more like publishers than platforms.

Cloud-based applications can change how your company works — usually for the better. Get to know existing platforms and use them to streamline your operation, increase efficiency, and drive productivity.

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