Knowing the Qualities of a Memorable Advertising Campaign

ad campaign on laptopThe goal of advertising is just simple: To make brands memorable, which can eventually be converted into sales. But sales are just short-term goals. You can get more of it by making your brand relevant (regardless of time) and memorable. For what reason? It’s only your brand who has that “X” factor.

If you look at the winners at Cannes or Clio, you may recognize a pattern. You will notice that the ads and materials are not just innovative, but are also deceptively and wittingly simple. These are the types of ads that may make a brand manager or a creative say, “Why have I not thought of that?”

Here are some qualities of a memorable ad campaign:

They mirror the real life

What makes an ad memorable is its relevance to consumers. Consumers are drawn to materials that mirror what they do and what they think. Great cultural insights are needed to make such materials work. A prime example of this is the P&G’s ad for moms shown during the Olympics season. It cuts across nations and languages because hey, people have caring moms!

They help people solve their problems

Ads are not only supposed to be messages; they should also solve problems. This is why ad campaigns are made to demonstrate the capabilities of their products. One good example of this campaign is Philippines’ TXTBKS, which won the Grand Prix at Cannes Lion in 2013.

They are integrated

Good ad campaigns can be seen and accessed anywhere. This means that you have to make your campaign integrated to make the message work. Other than having ads on TV, radio, and print, you should also have a material online. This should not be difficult, as Blue Gorilla Digital and other experts say that there are many creative advertising agencies in Jupiter, FL who can help you with it.

Memorable ads need great insight. That means you need to conduct research and surveys to find the best truths that will serve as your campaign’s backbone.

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