Effective Digital Training Topics for Your New Hires’ Orientation

professionals smiling

professionals smiling

Technology is being used at a more rapid pace these days. Your company may have decided to keep up by using it to create digital employee orientation materials. Now if your introductory training material is online, here are a few topics that can be integrated into your company’s digital modules:

Your Company

Telling your new hires the story of how your company came to be isn’t really required, but it gives them a sense of fulfillment that they’re part of a company with solid foundations. It’s advisable to make this brief, as they can learn more about it in their own time. However, with a digital format, they can review the information later on with their own devices and devote more time to a more hands-on orientation.

Their Job

a business meeting

With digital technology, your new hires can learn about their roles and responsibilities while minimizing time and energy wastage since they will be doing this even without a physical venue. Just hire network solution experts in Southern Utah, such as those from Infinite Solutions, to integrate the data into your company intranet, and you are good to go. Of course, you should make some time for a discussion at the end so that everyone can ultimately be on the same page.

Company Policy

Company policies, employees’ rights, privileges, and labor laws can be overwhelming topics, so it can be a good idea to make these simple. With the digital format, your new hires can grasp the basic overall ideas while discussing clearly and simply any details that may be hard to comprehend. It can also allow them to review the content by answering questions at the end of the module.

The technology available to us should be used to the fullest, especially if it will greatly benefit our employees while minimizing company costs. While personally training new people become a company tradition, giving them some room to learn on their own encourages independence. Trainers will still be needed, of course, but using digital materials as a training introduction can still be the better choice.

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