Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media concept

Social media conceptA big hurdle businesses face is getting their products or services out for the world to see. An obvious and practical route everyone takes is advertising. Those who’ve got big bucks to burn regularly put their products on the airwaves, the small screens, and newspapers. But, while traditional media still works, it’s also expensive.

Are there any other options?

Digital marketing experts at say that many businesses overlook the social media market. With more social media users than there are people in China, this still largely underestimated market might just be the key to a successful business.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Before embarking on your social media marketing journey, have a look at these blunders that you must avoid:

  1. Not having a target. Every business has a target. Your market impacts what social media platform to use. It will also determine how you’d engage with them.
  2. Not updating your accounts. A lot of people visit a business’ social media page if it’s available. If your pages aren’t updated, it tells the public that you’re not interested in your own business.
  3. Promoting too much. According to Social Media Today, keep the 80/20 Rule in mind. Only 20% should be about your brand’s content, including calls to action. The 80% is for other relevant content your target is interested in.
  4. Failing to engage. The whole point of social media is to socialize. It is a means for people to engage and interact with your business. Social media is a great way to interact with customers and future customers.
  5. Lack of a social media policy. A carelessly shared photo or a racist comment is enough to ruin a business’ reputation. Anything on the internet will live forever. Establish a social media policy for all your employees to follow.

Get the Pros Involved

These tips seem easy enough to follow but remember that social media marketing also takes time to learn.  If you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, consider hiring a professional. They understand the power of social media and how to wield it.

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